Actual Window Guard 8.15.1 incl keygen

Actual Window Guard An easy-to-use program from a developer already known on our website, which allows you to keep order in the arrangement of windows on your desktop, if anyone does not understand what we are talking about, then read on, and the rest can already download Actual Window Guard from our website. So, this program is able to automatically minimize/maximize the programs you need when starting the OS, can automatically close pop-up windows, can allow you to prevent accidental closing of an important window for you, you can change the size of windows, positions, and so on. In general, all your windows can be under complete control, and thanks to Russian support, you can understand all the intricacies quite easily.

License: ShareWare (use keygen for activation) Language: Multi Size: 8 MB Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy! /

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Actual Window Guard 8.15.1 incl

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Last Updated: 02-06-2024

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