Adguard Premium 7.17.2 (7.17.4712.0) incl Activator

Adguard Premium is one of the well-known applications from the software developer Insoft, designed to block advertising banners and pop-ups when working on the Internet. This utility supports filtering when working with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Avant Browser, Netscape Navigator, Flock, Lunascape, K-Melon, GreenBrower, Orca, MyIE, ComodoDragon, SeaMonkey, SRWare Iron, Rale Moon. Adguard Premium 7.17.2 (7.17.4712.0) belongs to the Adblock family of programs, the main task of which is to control the quality of operation of web resources and the Internet as a whole. The main functional capabilities of Adguard include the following: – blocking advertising banners, video ads and other types of interactive advertising, which allows you to increase the speed of loading web pages and save money when paying per megabyte of traffic. – blocking transitions to malicious and phishing sites, which allows you to increase the security of your computer. – flexible settings of filtering rules. So, in addition to the filters already installed in Adguard by default, it is possible to add additional filters (for example, filter lists that allow Adguard to block ads in different segments of the Internet). In this case, these actions are carried out directly in the program itself. In addition, the presence of a plug-in module for browsers allows you to interactively create new rules and exceptions for filtering. – formation of detailed statistics on the operation of the program. – parental control function. Among other things, Adguard is distinguished by low consumption of RAM, integration with WoT is placed in a separate extension that can be disabled, there is support for CSS injection of rules, it is possible to edit the source code of user scripts (updates are checked only for enabled user scripts), setting up exceptions for filtering protected (HTTPS) sites. In order to activate Adguard you can need to go to the official website, there you can make a purchase and receive an email with a code, there is also a method, for example, download a repack version in which the Adguard key is already built-in, well, this is not quite true in fact, you can just, for example, in the repack from Rabbit, reset the trial period, then after just three days you can officially get a key for one hundred and eighty days. If you decide to use Repack from elchupacabra, then you can have access to an eternal Premium license or, as some write, an eternal key, but the first statement is more correct, this is possible thanks to the patch from pawel97. In general, you have a large choice, all the links are below on this page, choose the version that you like best and you can start working Note that Adguard is a reliable addition to the main anti-virus protection with effective blocking of malicious, fraudulent and phishing resources, and parental control over the online activity of children.
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Adguard Premium 7.17.2 (7.17.4712.0) incl

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