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Atlantis Word Processor is a good word processor running under the Windows operating system, it used to be called Atlantis Ocean Mind and was designed so that any user could process text professionally, it is suitable for both new users and real experts, in the full news you can download Atlantis Word Processor. It is worth immediately paying attention to the user interface, it is similar to the more famous word processor Microsoft Word, it was until the 2007 version, after which we know, the interface of its older brother was transformed. Atlantis Word Processor edits text quite well, plus you can be able to customize the interface, you can edit the main menu, customize colors and sounds, you can rearrange toolbars, and you can also customize hotkeys. It is worth noting that any user can be able to use extensive functionality for working with texts and advanced clipboard options. The advantages of Atlantis Word Processor include support for autocorrect, you can use templates and styles, there is a unit converter, you can convert meters from pounds or vice versa, there is support for automatic saving. Atlantis Word Processor has support for encrypting the text you type, so you can immediately archive the document and send it by mail. If you want to check your spelling, you won’t find Russian support here, but you can view the list on the official website. It seems that I found some disadvantages of the editor on the Internet, for example, it seems that you can’t work with diagrams, there is no support for pictures and other complex elements, I haven’t tested it myself, I can’t vouch for it. The tool does not yet know how to wrap text around spelling. The program can work with .DOC files, .DOCX files, .RTF and text documents. In general, you can write quite a lot about the functions of the program, there are actually a large number of them, I tried to highlight only the main, more noticeable ones. I think you can be able to get acquainted in more detail directly at the moment of using Atlantis Word Processor, if you know any significant disadvantages or, on the contrary, advantages that I did not write about, do not hesitate to speak out in the comments, I wish everyone a good day and pleasant editing and creating your documents!

License: ShareWare (activation of the program via the received key, crack is not required to run) Size: 3 MB

Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy!

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Atlantis Word Processor 4.3.10 incl

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