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Bulk Image Downloader a new version of the program has been released for quickly and conveniently downloading the necessary images and videos from any site and web galleries to your hard drive, and you won’t see annoying advertising if you decide to save the pictures yourself directly from the site, you can download Bulk Image Downloader below. All you need to do is run the program, indicate the desired page in the URL field, click on the analysis button, wait for the process to complete, then you can start viewing pictures, select the ones you need and save, before that indicate the location on your hard drive for downloading , in general, that’s all. Bulk Image Downloader can work for free with almost all known photo and video hosting sites, the program can easily integrate into different browsers. The interface is simple, it has Russian support, there are not many settings, all of them are visible in the screenshots, I think you can figure it out without any problems. Main advantages: Search: the user can run a search to find specific images on the Internet. The search can be done by a given URL or by keyword. Please note that there is no need to switch to the browser interface to continue. Automation: What makes this program different is that it systematically offers links to images obtained from searches. The user can determine which ones he wants to download, or select all of them and start the transfer process. Monitoring: The user can be able to monitor the progress of the download thanks to the progress bar, which is visible under the corresponding image. He can be able to interrupt the ongoing process at any time. Please note that pausing the download restores bandwidth and speeds up other transfers.General information about the Repack version:• Program type: installation | portable [from Dodakaedr].• Languages: RU | EN | UK.• Treatment: carried out.• Architecture: x32, x64.• Cut out: other localizations.• Additionally: picking up the Settings.zip settings file.• Note: the portable version is not compatible with the installation version.

Developer: Antibody Software License: ShareWare (full activation programs via file BID5X6XGHInstaller – no launch key required)Language: Multi + RussianSize: 34 MB (Win7-10) + (Win7-11) – Portable conservator (Scheduler and Recycle Bin are cut out)

Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy!

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Last Updated: 09-06-2024

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