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EarthView with this program, you can easily create dynamic wallpaper for your desktop or choose your favorite screensaver, both of which can be displayed in a video map of our planet; you can also set a globe that can rotate, and this can be done synchronously with the rotation of the Earth, if If any of you are interested, I suggest you immediately download EarthView 7.9.9 from our project.

Please note that the program can change day and night, the clouds can also change in accordance with the current weather conditions over one or another part of the earth, you can be able to see the lights of cities. EarthView has two modes of operation, I already wrote about this above. If you decide to create a screensaver, you can be able to view highly detailed views of the earth, globe or map, all depending on the settings you specify. If you believe the developers, then the resulting images can be of excellent quality, high resolution, the colors can be saturated, this is what sets the development apart from other others, of which, by the way, there are not so many, I can’t even remember whether I’ve seen analogues or not. All the parameters responsible for generating an image can be configured in detail by you, although everything is in English, but I think with a little effort you can be able to fully understand all the available features, because it is quite important to adjust the image quality for a specific computer. If the images offered in the EarthView standard are not enough for you, then you can additionally download other maps from the official website, I think you can also figure this out yourself. Features include excellent quality when viewing the Earth, support for day and night cycles, you can view atmospheric phenomena, city lights are visible, clouds are also displayed, you can switch between maps, EarthView shows local time in more than 3000 cities, there is also the ability to work with systems with multiple monitors, and there is also support for working with 64-bit systems. In general, I think we can finish the description of EarthView; I think the program can be useful as entertainment. It’s not about hacking, first we apply the patch, then we save the license file, and before that we don’t forget to select the desired product from the menu, otherwise the medicine is universal. License : ShareWare (use a patch from the archive to activate, no key required) Language : English Size : 21 MB [b]Note[b] Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register activate the software. Enjoy! [b]Write Us if needed[b] httpskhanpc.comcontact-us

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