Iperius Backup Full 8.1.7 incl keygen

Iperius Backup Full is a program for backing up and restoring folders and files from a computer, it is possible to synchronize disks and other devices. Among the capabilities, it is worth noting support for ZIP compression, file encryption, support for sending an email about a backup, an advanced scheduler, automatic shutdown of the computer after the backup is complete. Externally, the program looks good, there is a Russian interface, there are enough settings, and the capabilities are also, I hope the tool can be useful to you! This program has literally everything you could wish for from a backup tool. You can choose exactly where, when, how … you want to create backups. You are not limited to choosing a local backup, you have the ability to back up from FTP, disk cloning, as well as specially designed options for backing up an SQL server or ORACLE-type systems. As for destinations, you can create backups in the cloud, on FTP, a local disk or an external drive. The planning can be as detailed as you want, but what really makes this program one of the best are the options you get for working with backups. If you are interested, you can already download Iperius Backup for free, in the archive with the installation file, there is a cure, use it, get a license, enjoy! Extras: You can exclude or include system files with one click You can easily change the level of detail of the logs and specific event triggers that can notify you if something goes wrong. The program has file compression, incremental backups, you can choose file revision history, full backups and even start another program as soon as the backup is finished or right before it starts. The application uses almost no system resources, even if you leave it running around the clock for real-time backups. When an error occurs, the registration logs are as complete as possible, which allows you to determine exactly which file caused the problem or what errors the program encountered. License: ShareWare (license key required for activation, crack not required) Language: English Size: 111 MB Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy!

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