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MedCalc is a program designed to assist biomedical researchers in statistical analysis of large data sets. It provides the necessary tools and functions to perform ROC curve analysis, plotting, Bablok and Deming regression and much more. MedCalc 22.029 x64 With a built-in spreadsheet containing over 100,000 rows, the software can read and display detailed data imported from Excel, SPSS, Dbase, Lotus or extracted from SYLK, DIF or text files. The information can be easily sorted, filtered or edited. The tool is able to handle missing data, create subgroups, calculate percentile ranks and power transformation. It includes outlier detection, correlation and regression functions, Bland and Altman plotting, and also allows you to run Anova, calculate the coefficient of variance, mean and so on. In general, if you do not want to spend almost five hundred dollars to buy this application, you can download the MedCalc key to activate the program, although everything depends on the release, it may well be in the archive there can be a crack or patch, in any case, you can be able to register for free. Features: Cool ROC curve analysis tool, clearly displays what is happening In addition to standard analysis, you can get access to ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) testing structures Comparison of data in a graph, the program is a specialist in this On this page you can see a full list of static and test capabilities.
License: ShareWare (crack for activation in the archive)
Language: English
Size: 63 MB
Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register activate the software. Enjoy!
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MedCalc 22.029 x64 incl

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