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pdfMachine Ultimate is the pdfMachine program created for viewing and further editing PDF documents. It can also create new PDFs directly from the print menu in any application, in fact, we get a virtual printer. The software can be used in several modes: convenient viewing and functional editing. In viewing mode, you can save an open document under any name, there is support for sending a document by mail in electronic form, you can read the contents without problems viewing any elements. pdfMachine Ultimate you can add digital signatures and use optical character recognition. Working in editing mode, in turn, you can manipulate the document in different ways. There is a function for deleting, inserting and extracting pages. The tool allows you to create thumbnails and bookmarks. A big plus is that you can edit text and graphics. In short, for me the interface looks nice. In my opinion, the use of separate windows for viewing and editing can be confusing, but this is only at first acquaintance, then it can be easier. pdfMachine Ultimate if you open this software from the icon on the desktop, you can see just an empty window, it doesn’t look very nice. If you are choosing between different tools for editing PDF documents, try this one, but it is not a fact that it can hook you much, as a backup option, it is quite possible. License: ShareWare (activation of pdfMachine key file from the generator, crack is not required) Size: 21 MB
Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register activate the software. Enjoy!
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