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Process Lasso Pro the Windows operating system, by default, allows you to load the central processor up to one hundred percent, so the system can simply hang, the main work can be slowed down, in general, there are quite a lot of inconveniences, sometimes I remember this happened, it was not possible to solve the problem quickly. So if you decide to download Process Lasso from our site, then you should not have such problems, since the program can redistribute priorities between running applications, this is what allows you to achieve from the processes loading the system to one hundred percent, a drop in load to a minimum. Process Lasso Pro the software allows us to fully control running processes, as well as distribute program resources, now it is enough to simply mark priority processes and which programs can be responsible for them, there can be nothing extra, no loads are scary for you anymore. You can have a list in front of you, there you can also mark programs that can be blocked from running in the system, you can block all programs, set them to automatically reboot applications, and so on. Sometimes it happens that many copies of some programs are opened at once, this process can also be limited, you need to select the maximum number of copies. Process Lasso has a mode for games, when you launch which all computer resources can be automatically switched to it, so you can get the most out of the game, there should be no slowdowns, unless of course you have a weak machine, and you are launching a fairly new game. In addition, the program has a statistics mode, you can view it at any time and know when which process was launched and what percentage of resources it consumed. The interface is as clear as possible, there are not many settings, but everything that is there is as useful as possible. Features: The interface resembles a built-in dispatcher Below is displayed full information on the load on the hardware and more Processes can be redistributed in the most intelligent way or automatically Russian localization allows you to quickly navigate You can view only active processes and find out maximum information about them Great chart that is easy to interact with Detailed log of all processes and their actions Status
Licensew: ShareWare (activation of the program via patch, no license key is required for registration)
Language : Multi + Russian
Size : 5 MB
Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register activate the software. Enjoy!
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Last Updated: 04-07-2024

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