Red Giant Universe 2024.3.0 Incl Activator

Red Giant Universe is a complex of powerful tools for processing photo/video material. Includes a large number of plugins with which you can process photos/videos, improve quality, work with color correction, styling, add graphic effects and much more. In total, the collection consists of 7 powerful packages, each of which includes many tools. As before, I remind you that these tools expand the capabilities of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion and Avid. Package contents: Red Giant Universe – An ever-expanding library of plugins for directors, editors, and VFX artists, providing access to fast and powerful tools for video editing, film production, visual effects and motion graphics. Every tool in the Universe library of effects and transitions is GPU-accelerated on your computer and runs as a plug-in in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve. Universe’s library of tools is constantly growing – new effects and transitions are regularly added and existing tools are frequently updated based on user feedback. 51 Premium tools:— 3D Blinds— 3D Cube— 3D Fold— 3D Inside Cube— 3D Rubics Cube— 3D Slide— 3D Unfold— Carousel— Chromatic Aberration— Chromatic Glow— Diamond Wave— Diffuse Color Glow— Film Transition— Finisher— Fisheye Fixer — Glimmer— Glitch— Glitch Transition— Grain16— Halflight— Holomatrix— Holomatrix EZ— Heatwave— Knoll Light Factory EZ— Knoll Light Transition— OverLight— Picture in Picture— Point Zoom— Prism Displacement— Retrograde— ShrinkRay— Soft Gradient Background— Spectralicious— Spectralicious Transitions— SplitScreen Blocks— SplitScreen Custom Blocks— Texturize— ToonIt Cartoon— ToonIt Expressionist Noise— ToonIt Outlines— ToonIt Paint— ToonIt Presets— ToonIt Retouch— ToonIt Sketch— ToonIt Thermal— ToonIt Transition— Triangle Wave— Turbulence Noise— Turbulence Noise EZ— Turbulence Transitions— VHS and other 50 Free plugins:— Billowed Background— Blackhole— Blur— Camera Shake— Channel Blur— Checkerboard— Color and Gamma Conversion— Compare Frames— Compound Blur— Diffuse Glow— Edge Glow— Elliptical Distortion— Exposure Blur Transition— Fade In— Fade Out— Fill Alpha— Fish Eye Distortion— Flip— Glo Fi— Glow Highlights— Grid— Hyperbolic Blur— Hyperbolic Dissolve Transition— Luminance Noise— Magnetic Displace— Masked Blur— Masked Clone— Masked Mosaic— Noir Moderne Light— Photo 2— PixelGlow EZ— Radial Blur— RGB Displacement— Ripples— Rotate— Shutter— Simple RGB Separation— Singularity— Sobel Edges— Soft Edge Wipe— Streak Blur— Swish Pan— Three Color Ramp— Two Color Ramp— Venetian— Zoom Blur— Zoom Blur Transition and more Red Giant Keying Suite – A complete set of professional tools that make your keying seamless, which adds realism to your composition. Need to create the effect of curly hair or translucent glass? This combination of Primatte Keyer and Key Correct can allow you to solve the most difficult keying problems with confidence and in record time. Start by preparing your footage for keying in Primatte Keyer using the Key Correct tool, then touch up the Key Correct mask for pixel perfection within After Effects. Keying Suite includes:• Key Correct is a set of 15 plugins that can be used in combination with any modulator to soften alpha channels, equalize foreground and background colors, lock edges, and clean up noise. The Key Correct solution is integrated with the Color Matcher filter, which helps correct any scene. Allows you to adjust the level of color saturation and minimize changes in background color, providing video color transparency and matteness of individual areas.• Primatte Keyer is a professional tool that quickly extracts layers from any colored background. The module has a high level of power and speed for After Effects, Avid and Final Cut Pro. Primatte Keyer’s features include easy-to-use automatic settings that create quality images with just one click. Primatte Keyer functionality helps overcome layering issues such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, thin shadows, and soft edges. The solution provides improved control of compositions through lighting control functions.• Warp – A plugin for After Effects, includes 3 powerful modules that provide comprehensive control over shadows, reflections and distorted video. The Shadow tool renders realistic shadows for text or objects shot on a plain background, and the Reflection tool creates realistic reflections. With the Corner Pin tool, you can work with distorted images by importing data from Mocha into After Effects and adding the necessary transformations and effects to achieve realism. Warp allows you to extract video.

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