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DVBViewer Pro I would like to introduce you to the DVBViewer program, the purpose of which is to enable the user to watch various satellite TV channels on their personal computer. If you have this development and a suitable DVB card, you can easily become a full member of the world of digital entertainment, the resulting picture can be of high quality, the sound can also be at its best, if desired, you can listen to radio stations, you can download DVBViewer in the full news, do not forget to read the instructions inside the archive, in fact, nothing complicated, I just decided to translate, maybe someone can experience problems. The application has a completely understandable interface, it also has all the necessary settings and functions so that you can normally configure and watch digital television. Naturally, you can also get the most modern features in this area, for example, you can view teletext, if desired, DVBViewer can be controlled remotely, which can also be called a big plus. The advantages do not end there, naturally there is a function for recording programs, you can at any time record what interests you in high quality and watch it later, with the help of the built-in scheduler this can be done automatically, just specify the time and channel, DVBViewer can do the rest for you, you must agree that it is convenient. I am especially pleased that the development interface has been translated into many languages, among which, of course, there is Russian support, thanks to which it is a pleasure to configure the program, otherwise I think many would have great difficulties with this. The main window of the DVBViewer program (a crack is not needed for this version, for the full version it is enough to use the serial number of their archive, which we get through the keygen) can be scaled as you like, if desired, you can display the picture on the full screen, there is a feature that can allow the main window to always be on top of other windows running in your operating system, this is necessary, for example, when you are sitting in the browser and want to see what is happening on the TV screen. DVBViewer supports hot keys, thanks to which you can quickly change the channel, adjust the wave, change the volume, turn on recording, and so on. DVBViewer supports API plugins, that is, anyone who understands this can write their own plugin for the program, I think this is unnecessary of course, but it was still worth telling. I have nothing more to add, the tool works great, there are many positive reviews, the program is used massively on the Internet, I hope it can be useful to you too! Developer: Developed by A.I.S., Ltd License: ShareWare (no crack required, registration to the full version via keygen) Language: Multi Size: 9 MB Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy!

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Last Updated: 02-06-2024

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