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ExamDiff Pro I decided to publish a program that can help users quickly and reliably compare two text files, you can also compare binary files and folders in the Windows operating system. For example, you have two identical documents, you need to find differences in them, just specify these files and wait for the comparison to finish, if anyone is interested, then in the full news you can download ExamDiff. The program has a completely clear user interface, it is quite easy to use and provides you with all the necessary tools so that you can perform the necessary work at a high level. The editor consists of two working windows, after loading the documents, they can be displayed on the right and left, then you just need to start the scanning mode, if differences are found, they can be highlighted, that is, you can immediately detect them. As far as I remember, the color of the found differences can be changed to suit your preferences. The tool can compare folders, for this you also need to perform a simple manipulation, namely, double-click on the file you need, then the comparison mode can start, the files can also be side by side. Thanks to a good built-in editor, you can immediately edit files synchronously, you can also use a standard text editor for this. You need to activate ExamDiff for normal operation, the software is quite popular in narrow circles, however, it has a good number of options that can help you set the behavior characteristics of this tool. Among the features, it is worth noting recursive comparison, you can customize the selection process, you can easily compare binary files, you can also work with HTML documents. ExamDiff can not only search, but also replace the words or sentences you need, it is also worth noting the ability of the program to integrate into the context menu of Windows Explorer, you can also create a snapshot of the directory you need in order to compare it later. In general, I really have nothing more to add about this editor, there is no Russian support, this is of course sad, not very convenient, although a lot of effort is not required to compare two text files, so I think it is difficult to call this a big minus. I hope the program can help you in your work, do not forget to leave comments, have a nice day everyone! License: ShareWare (crack for registration in the archive, no key required) Note: Complete Installation Instructions are included, please follow instructions to install and register/ activate the software. Enjoy! /

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